The South Stormont Chamber of Commerce was incorporated under the Boards of Trades Act on 24 October 2000

The South Stormont Chamber of Commerce was conceived on January 18, 2000 by a group of 12 dynamic, enthusiastic and community-minded business people who were willing to share their knowledge and experiences. Founding members recognized the benefits of a unified voice to address issues of concern, the value of a chambers’ networking opportunities and the advantages of the many member incentives. Some of the incentives members enjoy include attractive Visa and MasterCard merchant discount rates, a chamber business directory and extended healthcare insurance options for self-employed and small business owners.

Our mission statement “To foster the economic and social well-being of the community” defines our goals and visions for the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce. We provide a forum for ideas, initiatives and programs that contribute to the economic, social and physical enhancement of the entire community. Our most visible activity is the SSCC Home & Trade Show which annually showcases local businesses to the community. Another activity is our annual banquet which is a more leisurely event, however it also provide a great networking outlet for our members. The South Stormont Chamber of Commerce is excited and optimistic about the current and future growth of South Stormont. As such, we plan to be a very active participant in its development.

There is much to be gained by joining the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce and we would like to invite you to either contact us for additional information via e-mail at or attend one of our general meetings.  Your support is encouraged as membership also offers you an opportunity to contribute your knowledge, experiences and talents to the economic and social development of your community.